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We procure feed from the finest local sources available. We provide Wet Distillers Grains (WDG) and Dry Distillers Grains (DDG), as well as corn, wheat and various protein sources. We manage the logistics of procuring your feed, scheduling, delivery, transportation, and billing. We also offer risk management services, to manage the price risk of your feed inventory. Our commitment is excellent customer service, efficient processes, and the finest quality feed options available.


Ag Exchange will handle all of the logistics of your feed sourcing from initial order through logistics of transportation and billing. You will receive one bill for services and have the advantage of one transaction managed by Ag Exchange for your procurement logistics. You will find our customer service second to none and the process for procuring your feed will be professionally managed from start to finish. Pricing- through Ag Exchange's relationships with distilleries, farmers, and truckers we are creating a larger, more consistent bargaining platform for our customers. This allows us to offer the delivered product at a very competitive price. We also have opportunities for forward contracting, securing your feed needs and prices.


We have the ability to offer both the strategy and execution of risk management on feed procurement, as well as consultation on feed inventory. We offer consultation on your current and ongoing feed needs, to help you manage your ration cost while still being cognitive of the amount of risk you may or may not be willing to withstand. The methods we use to mitigate or manage risk are futures, options, forward contracts, and basis contracts.

It is the holistic perspective and understanding of the cattle feeding industry that gives Ag Exchange a competitive advantage when it comes to feed and grain sourcing. There is a tremendous difference in strategies, risk tolerance and pricing mechanisms between feed yards that commercially feed cattle on behalf of their customer and those feed yards that feed their own cattle. Furthermore, since feed yards are margin operators, how and when the cattle are risk managed can impact how and when grain and feed ingredients are priced and vise versa. Volatility in feed and grain prices have never been larger than they are today. Having a plan and knowing how to deal with the "New Normal" and ever-changing market place is essential for future survival. If your feed procurement plan is not aligned with the overall goals of your organization, we can help you develop and execute a plan that promotes and enhances the overall success of your organization. Working with a company that understands the cattle feeding industry as your source for feed and grain needs will pay dividends year after year.