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Wet Distillers Grains 

Cows Feeding

Wet Distillers Grains (WDG) is an excellent feed for finishing cattle. WDG can be added to corn-based rations for finishing cattle as both a protein source and in some cases as an energy source. WDG is palatable and readily consumed by cattle. Because the concentration of starch is less than corn grain, WDG is a versatile feed choice for cattle fed low-roughage rations. When used to replace part of the corn and supplemental protein, WDG improves feed conversion and reduces feed cost of gain when cost of WDG (including transportation and storage) is equal to or less than cost of corn on a dry basis. Ag Exchange specializes in helping you with your WDG needs.

Dry Distillers Grains 

Dry distillers grains (DDG) can be fed to finishing cattle to replace protein supplement and corn. DDG has an apparent energy value equal to corn grain when fed to finishing cattle at levels ranging from 10% to 20% of total ration on a dry matter basis. DDG is palatable and readily consumed by cattle. Feed cost of gain will be reduced if the cost of DDG is not greater than cost of corn grain on a dry basis.

DDG is dried to a moisture content of 10-12% depending on the time of year, and can be fed to beef, dairy, swine, and poultry animals. The high protein and fat content make it a very nutrient dense feed. DDG is produced at what are known as "New Generation" Ethanol Plants, and have become a popular feed alternative.  Samples are taken on a weekly basis and sent to a laboratory to ensure that the quality is not compromised.

Regardless of moisture content, both the wet and dried products can be considered as protein and energy sources for stock cows, backgrounded calves, and growing and finishing cattle.


As the primary energy ingredient in most cattle rations, Ag Exchange is prepared to help you with the procurement and logistics of making sure you have this staple ingredient.


Wheat can be used to partially replace corn in many finishing rations. Wheat energy values are similar to corn, with protein ranging from 12 to 15 percent.  If the price ratio of wheat to corn becomes favorable, wheat is a valuable protein ingredient to incorporate into your ration.  Ag Exchange works with you by letting you know when wheat becomes a valuable alternative, and will help you procure the needed wheat for your rations.

Various Protein Sources 

If you don't see a product listed that you could use in your ration as a protein source, give us a call and Ag Exchange will work with you to find the protein options that fit your operation.

Protein Options:

  • Wet Distillers Grain
  • Dry Distillers Grain
  • Wheat
  • Soybean Meal